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Our Story

We are a locally-owned, family business that takes great pride in providing a warm, relaxing environment so that you can further enjoy your visit to San Saba. Our motto is, "where quality meets comfort."

       idea for lodging in San Saba started with a little building on our property that we weren't sure what to do with. So, we decided to turn it into an overnight room for rent. Turns out there was quite a bit of demand for a nice room and it stayed booked pretty steadily.


In 2000, the location at 507 E. Wallace was a sporting goods store that was going out of business. The building was set to be torn down, but we were able to rescue the building and turn it into overnight lodging. This started a trend of downtown revitalization. After a year of hard work, it was ready to rent.



In 2006, the location at 501 E. Wallace was a video rental business. The catch with that deal was that we would also have to purchase the video business along with the building. While not ideal, we briefly owned a video store, but we were able to move on from that business within about a year and start remodeling the 501 location into the home away from home it is today.

From the outside, you might miss that Burnham's  offers multi-room lodging right in the middle of downtown San Saba. From first glance, our buildings don't appear to be a hotel, but once inside you will be pleasantly surprised by the space and quality. So whether you're here for hunting, a wedding, family reunion, our beautiful parks, wine, or pecans, we hope you enjoy your stay with us.


501 East Wallace, San Saba, TX 76877

(325) 248-3271

Burnham's Lodging

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